The novel corona virus (n-Cov) situation in Nigeria

There is a misconception about the novel corona virus that the virus has no effect on black people of African descent. This wanton pontification currently spewed by many is unhinged to any plausible scientific facts but just another facet of the silly platitude “disease no dey kill African man” that has claimed the lives of many Africans to easily preventable and treatable diseases.
These claims are treacherous as there has been no scientific research or published articles to prove that the people of African descent have resistance to the n-Cov.
Moreso, there have been several reports of deaths of black people in Europe and Asia.
Most importantly, false information like this has the capacity to cause negligence to simple containment and preventive measures - which is most critical at times like this.
It therefore behooves us all as public health officials to debunk this preposterous claim in all capacity and continue the fight to inculcate simple preventive medicine measures in our community. God bless us all as we continue the fight against the corona virus pandemic.


The world could learn a thing or two from Taiwan - a country just about 80 miles from mainland china with most of her population working in china; yet not severely hit by the #COVIDー19 as expected. The operational readiness and response shown by the Taiwanese could be alluded to the National Health Command Center (NHCC) installed after the 2003 SARS outbreak, increased surveillance techniques and massive investment in big data analytics after that period - the 2003 SARS epidemic.
This is another classic of d platitude “experience is the best teacher”.


Great post, very educative!!:ok_hand:t5:
This is the perfect time for a post like this, a lot of people do not even know black people have died. Please drop the links to some articles if possible so many more people can have access to this vital information.


Thank you so much for your comment. I will do so to get relevant articles to augment this post as soon as possible. Thank you.